Electrical Engineering

EOL Consulting Engineers’s electrical engineers supply design, documentation, certification, tender documentation and supervision of the electrical works such as power supply, communication, and street lighting required for your development.

EOL Consulting Engineers will submit the electrical plans at the same time as the civil operational works design and documentation, allowing for streamlined efficiencies within the operational works process and minimising Council delays.

Our electrical services provide for all aspects of electrical engineering, including:

  •     Electrical services for buildings and sites
  •     HV, LV overhead and underground reticulation
  •     Street lighting and arterial road lighting
  •     Subdivisions to Energex standards (SWP47.1 & 47.3)
  •     Intersection traffic signal and lighting design
  •     Specialised lighting for indoor and outdoor facilities
  •     Automatic fire detection and alarm systems
  •     Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
  •     Public address and MATV systems
  •     Communications – general, health and aged care
  •     Standby power generation
  •     Uninterruptible power supplies and line conditioning equipment
  •     Lightning and surge protection
  •     Security systems including CCTV, intruder alarm and duress alarm systems